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Manhattan Mechanical Services operates as a low-overhead, high-productivity company to maximize cost savings for our customers.

We supply our customers with multi-crafted professionals, saving you up to 25% on labor costs. Our promise is high efficiency while maintaining higher quality.

One of our experienced team members is readily available to discuss your most important project needs.

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Industrial maintenance

Manhattan Mechanical Services provides solutions for industrial plant maintenance. Our multi-crafted, skilled professionals provide tremendous value to our clients in the execution of routine maintenance. With a multi-craft workforce, we can significantly reduce the number of people required on-site and improve time on tools. The use of a multi-craft merit shop workforce reduces coordination of different crafts resulting in further cost savings.

We provide the following crafts

Pip Fitters

Boiler Makers


Scaffold Builder



Equipment Operators

24-Hour Service

Shop fabrication

Manhattan Mechanical Services specializes in providing turnkey fabrication services to clients throughout the Midwest.

Process Piping Fabrication and Installation

Our shop locations and flexibility allows us to offer prefabrication and preassembly of process piping. We can maximize efficiency, save costs and minimize downtime for our clients.

We offer highly trained craftsmen to assist you in your welding needs. Many of our craftsmen are trained and certified specialty welders capable of producing x-ray quality welds on high
alloy metals.

Benefits of prefabrication

High-Quality, In-House Welding Services

Isometric Drawing Development

Weld Mapping

In House Post Weld Heat Treatment

Sandblasting & Painting

High-quality in-house welding

We offer highly trained craftsmen to assist you in your welding needs. Many of our craftsmen are trained and certified specialty welders capable of producing x-ray quality welds on carbon steel and all alloys.


We perform ASME Repairs to pressure vessels, heat exchangers, boilers and mixing tanks. Hartford Steam Boiler is our authorized inspection agency.


We provide quality, prefabricated piping ready to be installed. Our pipefitters will field verify all dimensions prior to fabrication. If we are permitted to field verify first, the pipe is guaranteed to fit in the field.

Our precision equipment ensures accurate cutting, fitting and welding. We can fabricate piping skids to exact specifications. We commonly work with carbon steel, stainless steel and high alloy metals.

We not only fabricate piping and steel but also move the finished product with our vehicles to our installation crews in the field, saving our partners on transportation costs.

Post weld heat treatment (PWHT)

Manhattan Mechanical partners exclusively with Superheat for all our Heat-Treating needs. Superheat has provided Manhattan Mechanical with the most efficient, state-of-the-art, on-site heat treat solution in the industry.

Scaffolding & insulation

We deliver, assemble, and dismantle industrial scaffolding for light and heavy industrial projects.

At Manhattan Mechanical Services, clients benefit from working with highly-skilled, merit shop craftsmen. We help our clients determine the most effective scaffold system to fit their needs. We are sensitive to schedules and committed to maximizing efficiency.

Scaffolding and insulation services include:

Power Plants

Chemical Plants


Paper Mills

Other Heavy/Light Operations

Turnkey capital projects

We’re committed to ensuring that your industrial capital projects are delivered on time, on budget, and within scope. Thanks to our multi-crafted team, Manhattan Mechanical Services has a track record of successfully executing notable projects.

We perform all aspects of capital projects with the exception of civil and electrical. We have relationships with qualified subcontractors to assist us with the civil and electrical scope of
any project.

Turnkey capital projects services include:

NCCER Certified Pipefitters

Certified Pipe & Structural Welders

NCCER Certified Boilermakers

NCCER Certified Industrial Maintenance

NCCER Certified Scaffold Builders

NCCER Certified Insulators

NCCER Certified Foremen

Project Managers

Project Schedulers & Planners

24-Hour emergency

We are in the service business. Our clients operate around the clock. In an emergency, we are committed to responding within
two hours.

Our trained, multi-crafted team offers immediate emergency response and routine maintenance. We improve equipment safety and efficiency with a special focus on cutting downtime.

24-Hour emergency services we offer

Emergency Response

Routine Maintenance

Service Trucks

Mobile Welding & Fabrication Capabilities

Shutdown & Turnaround Services

Industrial plants must regularly shut down to clean, inspect and repair process-piping and equipment. These shutdowns are costly, and finishing ahead of schedule is critical. We minimize shutdown time and costs without compromising safety or quality.

Shutdown & turnaround service include:

Turnaround Planning

Project Scheduling

Multi Disciplined NCCER Certified Craftsmen

Industrial Plant Shutdown & Maintenance Services

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