Industrial Maintenance Services

High-Quality In-House LOCAL Welding

Learn how our merit shop welding services can help complete your next industrial project.
At Manhattan Mechanical Services, our highly trained craftsmen are ready to assist you in your industrial pipeline welding needs. Many of our craftsmen are trained and certified specialty welders capable of producing x-ray quality welds on carbon steel and all alloys.

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Our Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana fabrication shop locations are equipped with 24 in-shop welding machines and 4 AWS/CWI welding inspectors on staff. This allows us to efficiently provide pre-fabricated welding projects for a variety of projects


Industrial Welding


Steel Welding


Weld Mapping


Stick & Tig


Pipefitting Welding


Stainless Steel


Mechanical Pipefitting


24-Hour Emergency

Superheat SmartFurnace™

Through our strategic partnership with Superheat and the Superheat SmartFurnace™ we provide our customers with a highly-efficient on-site heat treat process that saves them up to 40% in labor costs.

Post Weld Heat Treatment

Shop Equipment

  • Overhead Cranes
  • 24 Welding Machines
  • Saw Equipment up to 24" diameter
  • Onsite Heat Treat
  • Pipe Beveler
  • Mobile Welding & Fabrication
  • Torch & Mechanical
  • And More


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