September 24

Manhattan Mechanical Services announces strategic partnership with Superheat for all heat-treatment needs


Manhattan Mechanical Services is the first industrial mechanical contractor in the Midwest to adopt new, innovative Superheat SmartFurnace II into its heat-treating process, saving industrial partners up to 40% on labor costs while dramatically reducing exposure risks.

MANHATTAN, IL, SEPTEMBER 24, 2020 — Manhattan Mechanical Services, the premier merit shop industrial mechanical services contractor in the Greater Chicago Area, today announced a strategic partnership with Superheat, the world’s premier onsite heat treatment service provider. Manhattan Mechanical Services will be the first industrial mechanical contractor in the Midwest to adopt Superheat’s new SmartFurnace™ II into its heat-treating process for pipe welds. Through this strategic partnership, Manhattan Mechanical Services will be able to continue providing high-efficiency while maintaining higher quality. 

“Our partnership with Superheat is a powerful combination,” says Manhattan Mechanical Services Quality Control Manager, Thomas Korocy. “Superheat’s innovative software solutions will help us provide the most efficient, state-of-the-art, on-site heat treatment to our customers.”

The Superheat SmartFurnace™ II

The new partnership entails Superheat offering Manhattan Mechanical Services the opportunity to use the remotely operated SmartFurnace II (Size: 12.5′ L x 4.5′ W x 4.3′ H) at its new fabrication facility in East Chicago, IN. The SmartFurnaceis the most advanced and adaptable furnace for immediate heat-treatment needs in the industry.

In-house Heat Treatment

“Manhattan Mechanical Services has a fantastic quality program, and they are great to work with,” says Superheat Regional Manager Matt Grace. “We are thrilled to strengthen our existing relationship with this new partnership.”

“Manhattan Mechanical Services is rapidly growing,” he continues, “and with the Superheat SmartFurnace, we are offering the company the ability to do heat treatment at their own facility, increase efficiency and reduce labor costs for their industrial partners. With most furnaces traditionally located at the heat-treatment provider’s facility, the SmartFurnace will give Manhattan Mechanical Services a significant competitive advantage.”

“It’s no secret that maintenance work in the industrial construction field is extremely time-sensitive,” says Korocy. “Instead of needing to transport our pipe spools to a different facility to be heat-treated, we will be saving a shift or even two shifts in a schedule with the SmartFurnace located right in our fabrication shop. The time savings is a big advantage and translates into considerable cost-savings for our customers. Any downtime we can avoid could save a plant thousands of dollars in potentially lost revenue due to a shutdown.” Manhattan Mechanical will have ready access to Superheat’s system, according to Korocy. “Anytime we’re ready to do a heat-treat, we simply log in and notify Superheat, swiping a SmartCard on the unit. They will then monitor the process at their SmartCenter down in Houston, TX.”

Superheat SmartWay

Manhattan Mechanical will utilize the Superheat SmartWay quality assurance program and will be able to turn-key a project without having to call in a subcontractor. As noted above, Superheat’s SmartCenter technology provides remote operation to all onsite equipment.

With the new interactive Superheat SmartView web-based quality assurance platform, Manhattan Mechanical’s staff can digitally drop in heat treatment requests and view real-time weld statuses and live charts from any device.

“The fact that we control the furnace remotely and don’t need onsite operators allows us to keep up with strict, 24-hour-response emergency projects,” explains Superheat’s Grace.

Additional benefits:

●  Superheat reduces COVID-19 exposure risks. With Superheat’s interactive web-based quality assurance platform, Manhattan Mechanical Services can safely navigate COVID-19 and social-distancing challenges.

●  Superheat’s equipment offers the highest capacity with the smallest footprint and the lowest power requirements in the industry.

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