IndustrialMaintenance Services
Industrial Maintenance Services
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Industrial Maintenance Services

Manhattan Mechanical Services is the merit shop contractor for industrial maintenance services. Our multi-crafted professionals provide heavy and light industrial plant maintenance solutions. We can successfully increase value for our clients through reducing cost, time on tools, and the craftsmen needed on site.

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We provide the following plant maintenance solutions:

Pipe Fitting





General Labor

Equipment Operators

24-Hour Service

Process Piping Insulation



Our trained and certified specialty welders are capable of consistently producing x-ray quality welds on stainless and carbon steel as well as almost all alloy metals. Manhattan Mechanical’s welding services benefit the industrial facility maintenance of all our clients..

industrial maintenance services


Manhattan Mechanical performs ASME Repairs to pressure vessels, heat exchangers, boilers and mixing tanks. Hartford Steam Boiler is our authorized inspection agency.

Plant Winterization

Manhattan Mechanical Services has the capabilities to prepare outdoor plant equipment for the cold weather. This includes checking fluid levels, adding antifreeze, utilizing cold weather fuel and providing fresh lubrication. Our team can also winterize the facility buildings of industrial manufacturing plants through sealing cracks and other openings, fixing any roof leaks, verifying that windows are tightly shut, and repairing / adding insulation to problem areas. Additionally, we offer installation of a complete range of winterization products – including special manifolds, heaters, insulated enclosures and heat traced tubes – that enable plant engineers to implement the optimum solution for every type of application.

• Heat Trace
In order to prevent freezing from disrupting production, our heat tracing capabilities can provide your facility energy for melting anything that may freeze while ensuring reasonable temperatures for industrial plants.

• Process Heating
Process heating protects equipment and processes by maintaining a specific temperature while driving heated processes, preventing condensation, and providing boost heating in flow lines as well as a variety of other applications.

plant winterization
process piping insulation

Process Piping Insulation

Manhattan Mechanical’s highly skilled insulators can provide process piping insulation for heavy and light industrial plants. By draining the contents inside the pipes and wrapping them with insulation, our crew can reduce the risk of pipes bursting or block fuel delivery becoming blocked. Our insulation services benefit chemical plants, power plants, refineries, paper mills, and other heavy/light operations.

24-Hour Emergency Service

We are on call 24/7 to ensure efficient and high-quality service for our clients. It is a Manhattan Mechanical guarantee that if emergency industrial maintenance services are needed, our crew is committed to a two-hour response time.

We offer:

• Emergency response
• Routine maintenance
• Service Trucks
• Mobile Welding and Fabrication capabilities
• Industrial maintenance services
• Pipefitting services

Industrial Maintenance Services