September 29

High-level maintenance support ensures efficient process at Illinois chemical plant

Market: Chemicals

Client: Confidential

Location: University Park, ILTimeframe: 2014-2021


After a pair of consecutive, two-year maintenance contracts, a large Illinois chemical plant, once-again employed Manhattan Mechanical Services as part of a three-year contract in 2018. 

Manhattan Mechanical’s team of multi-skilled craftsmen plays a key role in shielding the manufacturer’s production. From pipe fabrication and installation to preventive and scheduled maintenance, the international chemical company depends on the expertise and efficiency of Manhattan Mechanical Services to keep its processes running smoothly. 

Manhattan Mechanical handles the service of various machinery crucial to operations at the University Park plant, including the Tri-Mer Scrubber, the big roll, and changing out PSVs (Pressure Safety Devices), conservation vents and rupture disks. 

The Tri-Mer Scrubber, used for air pollution control, removes contaminants from a gas stream. Rupture disks, also known as pressure safety discs, are non-reclosing pressure relief safety devices that protect pressure vessels, equipment, or systems from overpressurization or potentially damaging vacuum conditions. 

Manhattan Mechanical Superintendent Jake Gillette explains that the failure of some of the equipment mentioned above could shut down the plant to some significant extent: 

“For example, if the Tri-Mer goes down, it takes eight reactors with it. If the big roll goes down, the plant won’t meet its OTIF schedule [production ‘On Time and in Full’]. 

“The plant is driven by production,” he continues. “But production can’t be achieved without good maintenance.”


Exceptional project coordination and multi-skilled craftsmen ensure higher level maintenance support and efficiency.

On average, at the chemical plant, Manhattan Mechanical Services performs 15-20 scheduled jobs per week and handles between 5-15 emergency jobs. Manhattan Mechanical’s multi-skilled craftsmen, according to Gillette, provide the client the flexibility to repair equipment that needs servicing unexpectedly; i.e., without having to wait for estimates and relying on other contractors’ availability.

Manhattan Mechanical prides itself on maintaining efficiency in every step of its many projects at the chemical plant with its well-developed Quality Assurance Program and thorough Quality Execution Plan. Proper communication and weekly call-ins with all quality-control inspectors ensure high-level maintenance support.

Project Scope + Specifications

Welding Process UsedStick + Tig Welding
In-Process Testing/Inspection Performed: On-site: 100% X-ray and final PT
Standards Met:Confined Space Permit, Hot Work Permit, 4 Gas Meter, O2 meter in the furnace near each welder, Harness Required and a half mask for entry and welding.
Safety ProceduresJob safety analysis (JSA), tool-box talk, two weekly safety audits
Capabilities Applied Overhead crane loading/riggingPipefitting/welding, pipe bevelingLayout for NDE (Nondestructive Examination)24-hour emergency Coordination between subcontractors, logistics, warehouse management, crew, and client